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The A4 Portrait Premium PVC Wet Write Solutions Clipboard has a spring-loaded trasnapraent cover that protects your paper or notepads from the wind and rain whilst you write.


The Wet Write Solutions waterproof clipboard has been trusted to protect your notes from the rain and wind for over 10 years. On wet or windy days release the Velcro fastening to automatically open up the sprung, transparent hood cover. You can now read and write on your papers whilst keeping them protected from the rain and wind. The Wet Write Solutions can not only be used on wet days, On dry days, you can simply turn it onto its back and use it as you would a normal clipboard.


The cover also closes by a strong velcro strip to keep your documents secure and dry when not in use. Since the cover is transparent, you can still look at your documents when the cover is closed. 




Size Open: (A)245mm x (B)345mm x 230mm.
Size Closed: (A)245mm x (B)345mm x 20mm. 

Weight: 500gms approx.


A4 Portrait

SKU: A4P01
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